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Who is John Johnson

John Johnson is the inventor of many products in the golf industry. The goals of his inventions are simple: individual game improvement. After playing his college days at BYU with the likes of Mike Weir, Ed Fryatt, and Dean Wilson, just to name a few, John went on to play professionally. Holding Tour cards on the Australasian PGA Tour 95 – 96 and the Nationwide Tour 97 – 98, John retired from competitive golf. Shortly thereafter, he bought a driving range in Carpinteria, California, and started the Johnson Golf Technology. There John became a theorist on the game of golf in every aspect. Not only did John teach, he also fit and built clubs for golfers and continued inventing golf related products. In 2005 John sold the driving range in order to focus on his inventions and on the TourLock® product line.