Specialty Weights * Tour Issue Weights Only

These Weights Are Designed For Tour Issue Only

We are proud to release our new set of specialty weights. The TourLock Enforcers, TourLock Thread and TourLock Rockstar. TourLock Golf is the only producer of advance technology in Counter Balancing golf clubs. The Enforcer is a stabilizing counterweight which connects the TourLock Pro or Pro Optimize grip weight to the OptiVibe internal shaft weight. The effects of the Enforcer can include higher swing speeds, lower spin, and lower trajectory. Feel is an important part of your golf swing, and the increased stabilization the Enforce provides is experienced as a more solid, more firm feeling golf club with more precise control.

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TourLock Enforcer               TourLock Enforcer Long


TourLock Thread

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TourLock Rockstar