TourLock Technology

TourLock Technology

TourLock® Pro and the Opti-Vibe systems are the Number One golf club counter weight optimization technology on the PGA Tour, the Champions Tour, and On this page you will learn about these weights and tools and gain knowledge into how they will improve your game.

The Definitions and Terms of “Optimal Weighting Technology”

Optimal Weighting Technology is a process of optimizing the static and balance weight of a club to best suit the individual swinging and using the golf club. This system, engineered and now manufactured by John Johnson and TourLock® Golf, has taken years to develop. It has been used by pros and amateurs and has been installed on golf clubs around the globe. These products are made in the USA by professionals, fitted by individuals and club-fitters, and enjoyed by literally millions of golf enthusiasts.

Proper fitting is a must in order to experience the most from your TourLock® Pro golf cub counter weight system so take some time and read these instructions and tips. Take your time balancing your clubs with your weights and then go experience the best golf of your life!

Performance Fitting Technology – The ability to alter club balance and static weight dynamically in a quick, simple and precise fashion.

When fitting an individual for any club, total optimization is the goal. Performance Fitting Technology is the easiest, quickest and most conclusive way to finding total optimization of a golf club to match the individual using it. Performance Fitting Technology requires the basic fitting parameters (club aesthetics, lie, length, grip, shaft profiling, etc.). The difference is in the ability to alter the feel and performance of the club to best suit the individual in ways that have been PGA Tour proven to work. This proven method is much easier for a clubfitter/individual while trying to find the optimal performance of a club and, at the same time, creating a better sense of awareness of a sound repeatable swing or stroke.

Optimal Weight Ready (OWR) – Defining the neutral TourLock® Pro and Opti-Vibe position and starting point to then begin true optimization.

The first step in this system is to modify the end of the grip with the TourLock® Grip Modifier. When modified with this tool the grip will be left with a clean access hole large enough to add counter weights into the shaft. Once the weights are placed in the shaft the hole is then capped with desired TourLock® Pro counter weight.

PUTTERS: For putters, start by placing and tightening a 50 gram Opti-Vibe weight three inches into the shaft using the Opti-Vibe Dual Tool. Then cap off the butt with a 12 gram TourLock® Pro counter weight.

SWINGING CLUBS: For all other swinging clubs, start by placing and tightening a 12 gram Opti-Vibe weight three inches into the shaft shaft using the Opti-Vibe Dual Tool. Then cap off the butt with a 12 gram TourLock® Pro counter weight.

Now the club will be “Optimal Weight Ready” (OWR) allowing the club-fitter or individual golfer the ideal starting point to ultimately optimize the club in a simple and conclusive fashion like never before.

The Art of Optimization – The process used in creating and achieving Optimal Weighting Technology (OWT).

When the club is fully Optimal Weight Ready (OWR), ask the individual golfer what he or she feels while holding and swinging the club. Golf club awareness is key. At this point more or less weight can be dynamically altered; both internal weight and counter weight. This awareness can be felt before hitting one shot or stroking one putt. Optimization is based on FEEL and pertains to all clubs.

Before stroking one putt or hitting one shot, your club should be comfortable for individual feel. At this time, the fine tuning* of the club can be optimized to the individual by incremental adjustments of the desired internal weight. This is tested and influenced with the aid of monitors, video and is also based off of ball/contact reaction. Both dynamic test results and scientific monitor data results will tell you what you need to know to achieve OWT.

*Dynamically altering a club’s static and balance weight affects individuals differently. In all cases, both dynamic and scientific testing will yield an optimal result of static and balance weight that matches the individual best. Incremental internal weight adjustments are very hard to feel but these minor alterations certainly affect contact, consistency and directional roll. Once peak optimization is found, the club is finally OPTIMIZED and you have achieved Optimal Weighting Technology. The club is now ready for play. Repeat this process with ALL your clubs

Optimal Weighting Technology – Optimizing the static and balance weight of a club to best suit the individual swinging.

Optimization Goal – To create and achieve a value of improved feel, awareness and performance.

The Tour Lock® Pro and Opti-Vibe weights conform to the “USGA Rules of Golf” and have been approved by the United States Golf Association.

About John Johnson, Inventor

John Johnson is the inventor of many products in the golf industry. The goals of his inventions are simple: individual game improvement. After playing his college days at BYU with the likes of Mike Weir, Ed Fryatt, and Dean Wilson, just to name a few, John went on to play professionally. Holding Tour cards on the Australasian PGA Tour 95 – 96 and the Nationwide Tour 97 – 98, John retired from competitive golf. Shortly thereafter, he bought a driving range in Carpinteria, California, and started the Johnson Golf Academy. There John became a theorist on the game of golf in every aspect. Not only did John teach, he also fit and built clubs for golfers and continued inventing golf related products. In 2005 John sold the driving range in order to focus on his inventions and on the TourLock® product line.

Johnson Golf Technologies Inventions

TourLock® Proto #13 Putter Shaft
This shaft was designed for Movable Fulcrum Weights or Adjustable H-MOI (Horizontal MOI = swing MOI)

Movable (POWER) Weights
These golf club weights are designed for internal shaft weighting with simple adjust-ability for H-MOI

TourLock® Pro Weights Sold HERE on this site, this is an affordable counter weighting system for simple and efficient adjust-ability of back weight of a club.

TourLock® Grip Modifier
Sold HERE on this site, this cutting and extraction tool modifies any golf club grip to fit the TourLock® Pro and TourLock® Opti-Vibe golf club counter weight.

Tour Lock® Grip Caps
Sold HERE on this site, these are proprietary end caps specific for the TourLock® Opti-Vibe weights.

C-Force TourLock®
Adjustable, interchangeable counter weights in a grip.

Exploder Swing Aid
Possibly better known as the “Swing 4,” named by Peter Kostis, this assists in swing connection and the relationship between the upper and lower body.

Extreme MOItion MOI Machine
Gives an accurate swing MOI reading relative to what a golfer actually feels while swinging a club.

TourLock® Tennis
FIrst adjustable counter weighted tennis racket.

My Perfect Swing Coach
A device that can be attached to any club to improve alignment, swing mechanics, and timing.

TourLock® Opti-Vibe Counter Weights Sold HERE on this site, this is an affordable counter weighting system for simple and efficient adjust-ability of back weight of a club.