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"As an indication of just how much TourLock counterweighting has been accepted and trusted by the best, as of the Farmer's Insurance Open last week, 5 out of the top ten players in the world are using TourLock technology."

John Johnson, Founder of TourLock Golf - January 2019

Introducing Counterweights by TourLock Golf

TourLock Golf is the most comprehensive resource for golf club counterweights. Our TourLock Pro counterweights, OptiVibe internal shaft weights and new Enforcer stabilizing weights help golfers from casual hobbyists to professionals optimize their swings and refine their approach to the game of golf. Our counterweights have been used by over 1,250,000 golfers worldwide from hobbyists and enthusiasts to professionals playing the PGA and Champions Tour.

The Optimal Counterweight Solution

Our philosophy is that the optimal configuration for each golfer is unique, and the best counterweight strategy for you will depend on your experience, swing style, arm strength, and approach to the game. By offering a nuanced selection of weight types and weight sizes, we help you find the setup that fits your personal game. When your game changes or advances, the wide range of counterweight options we provide help you fine tune and optimize your swing to adjust to your evolution as a player.


How do you get started using counterweights to optimize your game?