TourLock Pro +

TourLock Pro Plus

The TourLock Pro Plus series is our best selling counterweight and are available in 12 different weights ranging from 8-grams to 100-grams. This is by far the largest selection of weights available from any counterweight producer and allows you to fine tune your swing in subtle increments. Each player’s swing, experience, arm strength, and unique tendencies effect how counterweighting responds, and as a result, there is important value in the ability to carefully optimize clubs using a range of weight classes. Our counterweights are also protected by four separate patents with another seven patents pending. These are just some of the advantages of using TourLock counterweights which significantly are used by professionals on the PGA tour and are only available from TourLock Golf and its authorized distributors and fitters.

TourLock Pro Plus Kits

The TourLock Pro Plus are our most popular counterweights, and can be quickly installed and swapped anywhere, even on the course allowing players to compare different weight sizes and truly fine tune their game. Because each player’s game is unique, and the best weight for each player (and even each club that player uses) depends greatly on their skill level, experience, height, arm strength, and play style, having a variety of counterweights to experiment with is the best way to optimize your swing.

Our Counterweight Kits are a great starting point and give you access to a popular collection of weights.

The TourLock Pro Plus Starter Kit

Consists of:

1 x 12gm weight

1 x 20gm weight

1 x 30gm weight

1 x 60gm weight

1 x Grip Modifier Tool

1 x 3/16 Hex Tool

Only $59.99


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