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Opti-Vibe precision Internal Shaft WeightTourLock Golf’s Opti-Vibe tehhnology has taken back-weighting to the next level by making it simple, interchangeable, and affordable for every golfer.

The advantage of the TourLock Opti-Vibe Precision Internal Shaft Weight System is that swing weight and MOI can be adjusted by simply moving the Opti-Vibe  weight up or down inside the shaft. This allows an individual to make their club feel head heavy or head light depending on their preferences. The center of gravity of the weights can be positioned very accurately and then locked into position using compression seal.

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Here are the weights, packages, and tools available in the Opti-Vibe product line.

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Opti-Vibe precision internal shaft weight packages offer these popular sets of weights along with all the tools you will need for proper installation and adjustments.

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