Internal Shaft Weights

OptiVibe Internal Shaft Weights | TourLock Golf

TourLock Golf is the only golf club counterweight resource producing internal shaft weights. Our OptiVibe counterweights are installed within the shaft of the club. The internally installed OptiVibe provides players with a method to tune their clubs and their swing with very detailed precision. The OptiVibe internal shaft weight can be combined with our TourLock Pro grip counterweight or under grip counterweight to optimize your swing even further, and our Enforcer stabilizing counterweight can be used to connect a TourLock Pro grip weight to an OptiVibe shaft weight.

OptiVibe shaft weights are available in seven weights ranging from 12-grams to 150-grams which allows for a wide range of tuning.

Please see our complete selection of OptiVibe weights and OptiVibe weight kits.